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Save the world one wire at a time with Bomb Squad Academy, a puzzle game where you have to defuse bombs under a time constraint.

Bomb Squad Academy is now available for purchase on Itch.io, and the latest update features almost twice as many levels as the original release.

Analyze the way the electronic boards function and identify how to disable the detonator. Be careful though, cutting the wrong wire or flipping the wrong switch might just trigger the bomb.

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with increasingly challenging circuits that will test your ability to work through logic puzzles quickly. Identify the components, understand the connections and learn what makes the circuit work. Do it fast enough and you might just make it through.

Good luck!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorSystemic Games
Tagsbomb, components, defusal, electronics, timed-puzzle
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksSteam, Steam Greenlight


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 2
bomb-squad-academy-osx-full.zip 133 MB
Version 2
bomb-squad-academy-linux-full.zip 146 MB
Version 2

Download demo

bomb-squad-academy-linux-demo.zip 146 MB
Version 2
bomb-squad-academy-osx-demo.zip 133 MB
Version 2
bomb-squad-academy-win-demo.zip 130 MB
Version 2

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Came across this, am rather astounded by it all!
I'm really hopeful there's custom bomb support soon, or I might have to poke into modding this thing!


I just wish the game was longer or had a feature to allow custom bombs

This game is awesome. I've been playing it more on my free time when i'm not even recording!

For sure worth at least 10 mins of your time! Check out my lets play!

Found a review on jayisgames.com and decided to do a playthrough myself. What a fun and joyful game!

Sounds fun. I like a good puzzler (and may make one to test myself).

having a good time

A short, addictive and fun game.

This game is awesome! I hope you are able to make it into a full game.

Saw this game and knew immediately that it would be amazingly fun. We weren't disappointed! We'll likely be picking this item up on Steam at some point in time because it was so much fun!

Great game, made me panic! 

At first I recommend replacing battery model with something which does not look like deattachable. Othervise the graphics is good.

It would be nice to add more IO like XOR (Exclusive OR), NAND (Negated AND) or simple negation. Also something to connect wires would be helpful (I remember a bonb which had 2 cur wires and I was thinking about connecting them but I could not find a way to do so).

It was easy for me to finish it (I expect it to be harder for others) but there was a lot of text which I did not want to read (but keep it there!, only thing I would change is animation speed).

Also recommend you to increase button time because of visualization. Probably add more LEDs into "bombs" (levels) because I think they were only in first few levels (tutorial ones?).

Level Editor would be nice (I expect you planning it).

PS: Do you plan adding different voltage (colors of active wires) to increase difficulty?

very cool game! loved the challenge of defusing a bomb! but damn does it get trickier and trickier! well done on creating this masterpiece!

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This game was AWESOME! Very well put together! Can't wait to see what other games you come up with!

Hey Chicos Gran Juego, Aqui Les Dejo Un Pequeño Gameplay Espero Les Guste :D

here are my 2 quick videos on this game. Love it so much! good job!!! cant wait for more levels

I really enjoyed this game, I made a video of it here and I will link it below!

YouTube Channel Name: JonathickTV (VR Let's Plays coming in the coming days)


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Awesome game sad i did not record btw speaking of which follow me on youtube


Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept and would be AWESOME on mobile! I made a couple video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

just letting you know you can still mess with the "bomb" after it explodes and before the timer starts in the " are you ready" screen

You should bring this to the Nintendo Switch. I bought Human Resource Machine and had a lot of fun. I see some similarities.

As an electrical & electronics engineering student about to graduate this game gave me some smiles =) will be sure to get it on steam

I have no idea what's wrong! its a puzzle game but the last level not so hard so people dont rage

There is a bug on puzzle 11 / 14 on the 2nd to last category. You can cut or not cut the wire and it will still "solve" the puzzle.

in the tutorial:

  • battery is a voltage source, not a current source. call it a power source if you want to avoid the term "voltage".
  • "current flows from circuit to circuit" - should be "component to component".

is the full version coming to itch.io?


Hi pesco! You're absolutely right, and your suggestions are perfect!

The game will definitely be on itch.io, probably in the next week or two. Thanks!

Deleted 7 years ago
Deleted post

I don't know how realistic it would be, but it would be amazing if you developed a random/procedurally generated mode, for maximum replayabilty, maybe have each bomb have a seed, so you can share ones you find particularly interesting, just an idea, I know it's a lot easier to spitball ideas than to actuall impliment them.

Like Leafshade said, I LOVE the game. Its just so short. I finished the complete tutorial and last level in about 2-3 hours. If there was a randomly generated mode or like campaign levels that get harder as you go through the ranks, I would play this so much more.


Absolutely brilliant demo, fantastic work, cannot wait for more from you, It's such a minor thing, but I love that the wires cut where you cut them, it just feels so good.

I also love the way you've turned bomb diffusal into a puzzle/logic game.

One of my favorite games on Itch.io.

Thanks @leafshade, very glad you like the game! Only a couple of weeks before the game is released!


I love how this game teaches basic programming logic at the same time as playing a fun puzzle game. We really enjoyed playing this, and we are looking forward to seeing new levels come up. We did AND levels, we did OR levels, what about IF statements as another level?

enjoyed the game ALOT

This game is great, Cant wait for the full version :D


I really enjoyed this game. It was a fun little puzzle experience, and I'm looking forward to the full game. I feel like the tutorial really held your hand, and it didn't leave me having to think critically about the puzzles in the tutorial. I really liked when it introduced the button and just said "here's an new thing. don't blow it up." without telling you how it worked (even though it was pretty obvious). I would love some more complicated components and boards, as some of these, even in the later game, weren't super challenging, and I found myself just speeding through a lot of them. But I am definitely looking forward to where this goes.

Well, you're sort of supposed to be speeding through them. ;)

Excellent puzzle game. Puzzle mechanics were fun, having countdown timer increased the amount of pressure and suspense. If I had one complaint it would be that the tutorial held your hand a little too much. Would be nice to just be able to solve puzzle and instantly finish tutorial.

this game is really fun!!! wish that there were more difficult levels to play, though i still loved the adventure that was already there.

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Had a Blast ... hahaha ... get it ... Looking forward to the full version

Loved it!

Loved it!


Really good experience. Maybe a randomizer would be cool. But i guess that will be in the full game.

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